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10 Sign You Need to Change Your AC Thermostat

10 Sign You Need to Change Your AC Thermostat

Spending even a second without a properly functioning AC unit in the scorching heat of Dubai is nearly impossible, and the AC thermostat plays a vital role in the unit’s efficient performance. The reason is quite simple; the thermostat is responsible for regulating the temperature settings. Thus, paying attention to the AC thermostat’s maintenance can cause serious issues. Like any other component, we should never forget that thermostats deteriorate over time. Therefore, this article aims to discuss with you ten unmistakable signs that are your signal or indicator for replacement.

Your HVAC Keeps Turning On or Off

Your AC units are more complex than they seem. They are complex, and understanding their components is essential to get the best out of them. An air conditioner thermostat communicates with the HVAC system to regulate and adjust the temperature as per requirement. However, if you notice that your AC keeps turning on and off consistently for very short periods, it is a clear sign of thermostat problems. Your AC thermostat is not functioning correctly. Thus, it is causing such abnormal reactions.

This behavior might stem from damaged or frayed wiring within the thermostat. All this wiring trouble disrupts the thermostat connection to the HVAC system. Hiring AC maintenance services in Dubai to diagnose and resolve such issues is always wise. Furthermore, they can determine whether a thermostat replacement is necessary.

Faulty Thermostat Readings

Another indication or signal that tells you it is time to replace the thermostat is faulty readings. The accurate readings from your HVAC thermostat are vital to maintaining a comfortable environment. However, if the thermostat shows incorrect temperatures, its sensor could malfunction. This may occur due to age, defects, and improper usage. Additionally, it would help if you verified the reading’s accuracy before any further proceedings. To verify the accuracy of your thermostat, use a portable indoor thermometer to cross-reference the lessons.

Suspiciously High Energy Bills

An AC unit that is fully functional will never exert pressure on its other components. However, if you suddenly feel that your air conditioner puts a tremendous strain on its members, it is a clear sign of a malfunctioning thermostat. A thermostat that inaccurately gauges temperature may cause your AC to work excessively. Also, due to this increase in energy consumption, you will notice a spike in your DEWA energy bills.

Therefore, it is best to hire a reputable AC maintenance company in Dubai to resolve such issues. During routine HVAC maintenance, a technician can assess whether your thermostat requires replacement to restore energy efficiency.

Constant Temperature Shifts

We already discussed this AC thermostat is responsible for regulating the temperature. However, if your AC is cycling between temperatures without any reasonable cause, then it is alarming. A sign that your thermostat needs professional attention. Conduct a trial by adjusting the settings; if the issue persists, it’s advisable to consult a reliable air conditioning service for further assessment.

The thermostat Is Too Old.

Our world revolves around technological advancements. These advancements are not limited to some items or products but to various things. HVAC thermostat is no exception to all these technological advancements. The average lifespan of a home thermostat is around ten years. However, factors such as technological advancements can hasten the need for replacement. Old thermostats you need more than s can’t help you to eve enhanced functionality and energy savings. Thus, upgrading a non-programmable thermostat to a programmable or smart thermostat is wise.

Thermostat Fails to Respond to Changed Settings

Prompt responsiveness is a hallmark of a functional thermostat. Upon altering temperature settings, your AC should start promptly. If you encounter delays or unresponsiveness, your thermostat might be at fault. This issue could stem from various sources, including problems with the relay switch, motherboard, or wiring.

Your HVAC System Short Cycles

You know that a thermostat temporarily shuts off your AC unit when it maintains the desired temperature. However, this doesn’t mean it is okay if your AC shuts down so often. We know this as short cycling – when your AC shuts off prematurely. This is a red flag indicating thermostat problems. Short cycles disrupt the cooling process, leading to inefficient temperature regulation. If short cycling persists, it’s time to consider replacing your thermostat.

Inconsistent Start and Stop of HVAC System

A properly functioning thermostat should initiate and cease your HVAC system’s operation. The thermostat performs it seamlessly in response to your temperature settings. However, if you notice irregular start and stop cycles, it might signify a failing thermostat. Delayed response or periodic cycling can result from internal wiring issues. Always remember you should refrain from trying any DIY methods to resolve this issue. Only a proper technician can make a replacement efficiently and carefully.

Unresponsive to Calibration

Calibrating your thermostat is crucial for accurate temperature readings. However, if you are attempting to recalibrate your thermostat but feel no response and improvement in accuracy, it’s a strong indicator of underlying issues. A thermostat that consistently fails to respond to calibration efforts may be malfunctioning. Thus, your only solution to this problem is the replacement of a thermostat to ensure reliable temperature control.

Corroded or Worn Components

Every AC component comes with a limited lifespan, and so does the thermostat. Over time, you may notice signs of corrosion, damage, or wear. Once you discover any visible deterioration, it is a sign that your thermostat is reaching the end of its lifespan. Replacing a worn or corroded thermostat is essential to prevent further complications. Only then can you ensure optimal system performance.


In the demanding climate of Dubai, a functional AC thermostat is the cornerstone of indoor comfort. Recognizing the signs of a failing thermostat is crucial to preventing discomfort. Not only that but potential energy wastage also. At Repair Plus, we understand the intricacies of AC systems and offer expert thermostat replacement services. Repair Plus ensures your comfort remains uninterrupted. With a team of skilled technicians and a commitment to excellence, Repair Plus is your partner in maintaining an efficient and dependable HVAC system. Contact us today to experience reliable AC solutions tailored to your needs.

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