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Frequently Asked Questions

AC Ducts and Coils

What is duct cleaning?

Repair Plus technicians use Rotobrush to simultaneously power-brush and vacuum your ducts. The Rotobrush knocks dust, dirt, and debris loose and removes all traces of harmful contaminants, leaving a cleaner and healthier indoor environment.

What is coil cleaning?

Repair Plus technicians use a CoilJet cleaning system to spray down the AC coils with a special coil cleaning agent. This removes microbial contaminants, dust, dirt, and debris, ensuring peak performance and efficient operation. 

How can I tell when my AC ducts need cleaning?

It’s always a good idea to have your ducts inspected by a professional because they are hard to reach. However, these are a few signs that you are in need of duct cleaning:
-If there is visible dust or dirt.
-If there is a bad odor coming from your vents.
-If you or your family are increasingly suffering from asthma or allergy symptoms.
-If you have recently renovated.
-If you have recently moved into a new apartment or house. (You certainly don’t want any residual contaminants from the previous owners to be stuck in your AC system).
-If you haven’t had your ducts cleaned in over a year, then it’s time to give Repair Plus a call to book your duct cleaning appointment.

AC Repair

How do I know if my AC isn’t working properly?

If you notice a decline in the airflow of your AC system or if the air coming out of the vents is warm it’s very likely that your AC isn’t working properly. Other signs include high electricity and cooling bills, leaks, high levels of moisture/humidity indoors, unusual or loud noises, and unpleasant odors coming from your HVAC system. In these instances, you should always call your Repair Plus professionals so they can evaluate the issues for you.

How can I tell if I need a new AC?

ACs that are maintained with regular servicing will typically last a long time. Simply replacing parts of an AC will help it run more smoothly and efficiently. Replacing a full AC system is a costly job and you should only consider it when parts are no longer available for your AC unit or if you decide it is creating significant costs because of consistent part replacements. If you’ve recently remodeled your home and extended a particular room then you should also consider buying a different AC unit, as you’ve increased the area that the unit was originally meant to be cooling.

How often should AC filters be replaced?

Air conditioning filters do not necessarily need to be replaced, they need to be maintained with regular cleaning. Filters are necessary to keep your air safe and clean. Most filters require cleaning four times a year, which is provided in all our annual maintenance contracts.

AC Usage

How do I reduce my electric bills with ongoing AC use?

ACs are a big part of our lives in Dubai and they contribute to a huge chunk of our DEWA bill. Repair Plus offers Aircosaver, which reduces energy consumption and energy costs on non-chiller air conditioning split systems. Simply put, it decreases the amount of time the AC compressor is working, providing savings of up to 20% on the AC portion of your DEWA bill while also reducing your carbon footprint.

You can also opt for heat-blocking blinds or curtains. Experts recommend having your AC serviced regularly to ensure that your AC systems are performing in optimal conditions, as there may be issues causing inefficiencies that make your electricity/cooling bills spike rapidly. Call Repair Plus today to ask about our annual maintenance contracts.

How do I reduce humidity indoors?

Air conditioners de-humidify the air inside our home. If your AC is running correctly and you are still experiencing high levels of moisture or humidity indoors, then there might be mechanical issues causing inefficiencies in your AC system. Call us to book an AC servicing today.

TIP: You should also check to see if you have any broken seals on your windows or doors that might be causing the problem.

Should I leave my AC fan on “Auto” or “On”?

We recommend setting it to the “Auto” position. “On” will drive up the humidity in your home, which will not be comfortable for you.

Air Conditioning Systems

How Often Should I Service My Air Conditioner In Dubai?

It is advisable to service your air conditioner in Dubai annually. Regular yearly maintenance helps keep the system running efficiently, prevents potential problems, and ensures optimal cooling performance, especially in the demanding climate of Dubai.

Should I service AC units I don’t use?

You may have some AC units in your property that you rarely use (i.e. guest bedroom). However, it is important to get all AC units serviced because dust, dirt, and mold can still settle in unused units and electrical faults can also occur. We recommend that you service all AC units at the same time so that when you do start using them, they work effectively and efficiently.

How can I know how many AC units I have?

An easy way to figure out how many AC units you have is by counting the number of thermostats in your home. Each thermostat controls one AC unit.