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Water Savers

Water is an invaluable resource and wasting it is damaging to our ecosystem. As part of our green initiative we offer water saving solutions that decrease consumption without changing the feel of the water pressure. We do this by offering aerators, flow reducers, and shower heads with built in flow reducers. Repair Plus specialize in providing top-notch plumbing services, and we achieve this by offering a range of high-quality products.

Green Advantages

  • Aerators: Decrease incoming water pressure while drawing in much more air than conventional aerators. This leads to a gentler and more even flow distribution.

  • Flow Reducer: Allow conventional shower heads and shattafs to save 25% – 40% even when flow-sensitive head units are in use. They come with rotary connectors, freeing shower hoses from twisting thus giving them a longer life.

  • Shower heads: Our shower heads come with pre-installed flow reducers that save up to 40% on your water consumption. The flow is reduced to 10L per minute.

  • NovoLed shower head: A Green shower head that signalizes how much water you have consumed over a period of time. It has built-in LED lights that stay green for up to 30 L of consumption, turn yellow from 30-50 L, turn Red from 50-60 L and start flashing red after 60 L. This feature increases water-saving awareness if adapted early on for children in their bathrooms. No batteries are needed.

  • Novosix hand shower: A water-saving multifunctional shower head with six different jet types. Despite having a 10 L/min flow the head allows users to alternate from a massage jet flow to a relaxing one. Advantages : Constant flow, fully aerated water stream, no calcification, no maintenance, and long life.

What we Offer

  • Water aerators
  • Flow reducers
  • Shower heads
  • Hand showers
  • NovoLed shower head and hand shower
Water Savers Water Savers Water Savers

What else we Offer

Learn more about our other Green Initiatives by clicking on the links above. Keep in mind that we will plant 10 trees on your behalf as a “Thank You” for using our services and going Green