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Electrical Services Dubai: Wiring, Panel Installation & Troubleshooting

Repair plus Electrical Services Dubai Wiring, Panel Installation & Troubleshooting

When it comes to electrical services in Dubai, residential and commercial landscape demands reliable and secure electrical installations. It would help if you had a firm understanding of the regulations the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) set. Repair Plus, a trusted electrical contractor in Dubai, maintains the highest safety standards. Moreover, they maintain safety and efficiency by abiding by DEWA regulations. Firstly, we will cover wiring, panel installations, and troubleshooting today. Additionally, our guidelines will help individuals and businesses make informed decisions for their electrical needs.

Electrical Wiring

The energy efficiency throughout your premises depends upon the electrical wiring. In other words, Proper electrical wiring is the foundation that prevents overloads. It also contains drop voltage issues. You need to focus on appropriate cable selection. You can also do so by keeping in mind conductor size, load current, and MCB/MCCB ratings. When dealing with concealed wiring, one should always use DEWA-recommended single-core PVC-insulated, non-armored, stranded copper conductors. We will dive into more details later. However, let’s learn about some important things regarding electrical wiring.

MCB (Miniature Circuit Breaker)

  • You can take MCB as a small switch. Switch that automatically shuts down when an electrical issue arises.
  • MCB is usually installed in Consumer Units and Electrical Distribution Panels.
  • Its purpose is to protect electrical devices and circuits from overloading and short courses.
  • If too much current flows through the course or some short circuit occurs, MCB instantly shuts down to protect wiring and appliances from damage.

MCCB (Molded Case Circuit Breaker)

  • MCCB and MCB are similar, but MCCB always deals with larger electrical systems and higher currents.
  • It is used where more power is required, like in commercial and industrial applications.
  • Mold Case Circuit Breaker protects against short circuits and overloads at a larger scale.
  • Its adjustable settings can handle different current levels, and you can manually operate it to turn off power in an emergency.

Residential & Commercial Wiring

Residential and commercial wiring divides into five aspects:

  • Selection of Cables
  • Cable Cores Color Identification
  • ECCs and Equipotential Bonding Conductors
  • Electrical Installations Register Type
  • Current Transformers

Selection of Cables

As an expert electrician in Dubai, Repair Plus understands the importance of precise electrical work. Thus, we strictly follow the guidelines provided by DEWA for electrical wiring. Indeed, our electrical maintenance company in Dubai is equipped to handle various projects. As a result, our company can handle residential and commercial electrical wiring projects. We adhere to industry best practices. Also, we take into consideration essential factors. Essential factors include electrical load requirements and the optimal selection of cable sizes and types. For example, the table below summarizes the recommended cable sizes for concealed conduit installations. All of this is based on DEWA regulations:

Single–core PVC insulated, non-armored, stranded copper conductors (BS 6004 & BS 6346)

Size of cables in ‘concealed’ conduits Max. Rating of MCB/MCCB (A) Max. Load Current/Demand (A)
2 × 1C, 1 phase (mm²) 3/4 × 1C, 3 phase (mm²)
1.5 1.5 10 10
2.5 2.5 15 15
4 4 20 20
6 6 25 25
6 10 30 30
10 16 40 40
16 25 50 50
25 25 60 60
35 50 80 80
70 100 100
95 125 125
120 150 150

Above are the sizes of cables used in fixed wiring installations for general purposes and in standard situations in Dubai.

Above are the sizes of cables used in fixed wiring installations for general purposes and in typical situations in Dubai.

Cable Cores Color Identification

This color scheme is for non-flexible cables and bare conductors. Furthermore, it is used for both residential and commercial wiring. It will help in identifying and connecting the correct conductors during installations.

Earth Continuity Conductor

 ECC is the key to electrical and grounding safety. Green and Yellow colors identify it.

  • Neutral Conductor

This conductor serves as the return path for the electrical current. The neutral conductor is identified by its Black color in single-phase and three-phase circuits.

  • Phase Conductors

Phase conductors in single-phase circuits typically use the color red for identification. However, different colors are used to differentiate its three different phases. Thus, Phase R is identified by red color, Phase Y by yellow and Phase B is blue in the three-phase circuit.

ECCs and Equipotential Bonding Conductors

ECCs are PVC-insulated copper conductors identified by green and yellow colors. They provide a safe path for fault currents. On the other hand, equipotential bonding conductors are essential for minimizing the potential for electric shock.

Electrical Installations Register Type

DEWA stresses the use of a drum-type register. Specifically, the reason is recording and monitoring electrical consumption. People know this drum-type register as a roller cyclometer. It states the slightest requirement of six digits (drums) with a numeral of at least 5mm height, ensuring accurate measurement of energy usage.

Current Transformers

Regulations of DEWA mention that C.T.s are devices that measure electrical currents accurately. Current Transformers play an essential role in metering electrical currents—moreover, C.T.s meter electrical currents in low-voltage systems.

Electrical D.B. Panel Installation

An electrical distribution board panel is a vital element of the electrical system. This board acts as a heart for an electrical system. The electrical D.B. Panel distributes electrical power to many circuits. It is a board that contains circuit breakers and switches. Likewise, it includes many other protective devices. It uses all these devices to regulate the flow of electricity.

Hence, Repair Plus, your best electrician in Dubai, handles electrical installation and maintenance of D.B. Panels with utmost care and responsibility. Our team of experts always prioritizes compliance with DEWA regulations. Indeed, our experts prioritize this compliance for all electrical work in Dubai. We design a customized panel layout that optimizes functionality and safety. Furthermore, we do so by assessing your electrical load requirements. The careful selection of the most suitable circuit breakers, residual current devices (RCDs), and other protective devices happens in the keen eyes of our experts.

Electrical Light Fixture

An electrical light fixture is a device that comes with a housing, socket, and wiring. Also, it may include a mounting bracket. In short, electrical light fixtures distribute light, protect components, and provide aesthetic appeal. Electrical light fixtures come in various styles for so many lighting needs.

Electrical services of Repair Plus also include helping you enhance the ambiance and functionality of your house. What’s more, is that we do so with different lighting options. We offer a wide range of electrical light fixture solutions. Our solutions are available for both commercial and residential properties in Dubai. Furthermore, our team of electrical maintenance in Dubai can assist you in selecting the most appropriate fixtures. Moreover, they will assist in installing the fixtures. On Top of that, at the same time, our team ensures efficient operation.

In addition, Repair Plus, by incorporating motion sensors and intelligent controls, can help optimize lighting usage. Also, this way, Repair Plus contributes to a greener environment.

Electrical Troubleshooting

Electrical troubleshooting is a process that includes identifying and resolving issues. Issues with electrical systems and devices. Therefore, this procedure requires a firm knowledge of circuitry and electrical systems. Specialized tools and equipment are also compulsory to perform such operations. Thus, exercising caution is very necessary. Indeed, one must always try to achieve it with others.

Instead, the team of skilled emergency electricians in Dubai at Repair Plus will handle this potentially dangerous task for you. No matter which type of issue you are facing. In short, whether it is a tripping circuit breaker, power outage, or flickering lights, Repair Plus can resolve it quickly. We have the expertise to identify the root cause and implement effective solutions.