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The Importance of Regular AC Maintenance in Dubai: A Guide to Saving on Energy Bills

Regular AC maintenance in Dubai

The scorching heat of Dubai spares no one. Thus, survival in Dubai without a properly functioning air conditioner is nearly impossible. If you are resident in Dubai, you will only see a house with an air conditioner. However, Dubai is a desert, so the air in Dubai is full of dust and soil. This dust and dirt make regular AC Maintenance in Dubai a critical factor more than anywhere else. Ignoring this essential factor can cause a significant spike in your electricity bills. This situation occurs whenever the air with dust and debris enters your AC, reducing its cooling and efficiency.

Therefore, today we will learn how AC maintenance can lower our electricity consumption to a great extent. Furthermore, we will also provide you with some great bonus tips by DEWA (Dubai Electricity And Water Authority) at the end of this guide to reduce electricity bills.

Optimal Cooling Solutions: The Importance of Professional Air Conditioning Service

A layperson can never ensure comprehensive AC maintenance. Due to that reason, you have to rely on professionals providing AC maintenance services. Unlike some laymen, AC technicians possess the knowledge, skills, and experience to accurately examine your air conditioning unit’s health. Furthermore, they also come with the required equipment to perform a thorough inspection. The keen eye of a technician helps him identify the potential issues that may hinder your air conditioner’s performance.

These professional AC experts can pinpoint underlying problems. Not only that, they can instantly perform the necessary AC repairing tasks. AC technicians ensure that your air conditioner performs at its peak efficiency. Thus, it saves you from the potential wastage of energy. Moreover, this way, AC technicians also prevent minor problems from turning into costly repair significant problems.

 Energy-Efficient AC Maintenance

 These are the following few practices that can help you optimize the performance of your air conditioner unit. Not only that, but these practices will also maximize your energy savings.

 Regular Filter Cleaning

 The dirt and debris enter the air filters and disturb the airflow. Thus, they force your air conditioner to work harder. Hence, your AC consumes more energy to keep up. Therefore, always clean AC air filters regularly. If the air filters are too dirty and damaged, replace them altogether. You can maintain the airflow and energy efficiency at peak by replacing the air filters every three months.

Optimizing Energy Usage with Programmable Thermostats

 Programmable thermostats are one of the best options to prevent rising electricity consumption. You can schedule temperature adjustments at your ease. Whenever you are away from home, you can set the higher temperatures. You can turn the temperature low right before your arrival. On the other hand, if you don’t have a programmable thermostat, then set the thermostat to a reasonable and comfortable temperature. Always avoid extreme temperature settings as they put a strain on air conditioners. As a result, air conditioners consume more energy. Range the thermostat between 24-26 degrees Celsius (75-78 degrees Fahrenheit).

 Seal Air Leaks

Another way to reduce your air conditioner load is to seal all openings and leaks with weather stripping. However, you have to use caulking to fill cracks and gaps. Sealing air leaks will prevent the cooling from escaping your room. This method will also keep your air conditioner healthy and efficient.

Maximize Ventilation

Proper ventilation is only possible when all the vents are unobstructed. Remove any obstacles, such as curtains, furniture, and other stuff blocking the airflow. Better ventilation enhances air circulation. Thus, you will achieve energy-saving cooling.

Outdoor Unit Maintenance & Installation of Zoning Systems

 You can control the temperature in all areas independently via zoning systems. The use of zoning systems is more suitable for homes with multiple floors. Moreover, removing any obstruction from the outdoor unit of your air conditioner will ensure efficient airflow. A properly functioning outdoor unit prevents strain on all AC components.  

Crucial Benefits of Duct Cleaning in Dubai’s Harsh Climate

 Sandstorms are not something unusual for the desert of Dubai. However, these sandstorms can damage condensers and coils of externally mounted air conditioners. Thus, these sandstorms make AC duct cleaning services a must. Once the pollutants enter the AC Unit, they enter the ducts. These dirty duct blow dust all over your home. The contaminated air enters your respiratory system and causes acute asthma and other severe diseases.

The unclean ducts damage your health and strain AC systems tremendously. Consequently, you start seeing a rise in your electricity bills. Regular duct cleaning helps addresses these issues. Especially families with children should take extra care of AC duct cleaning. Health experts such as Dr. Imad Ali, a pediatrician at Amrita Medical Centre, advise that families would be surprised by the amount of dirt and mold that can be eliminated during a cleaning session. Dubai’s Rashid Hospital, which treats many asthmatic patients, also recommends regular duct cleaning. The prevention of dust and fungal allergens is possible with professionals.

 Bonus Energy Saving Tips by DEWA

  • Set your thermostat at higher or at least 24°C. Increasing the set point temperature by one degree can save up to 5% on AC consumption.
  • Replace the older AC units with new energy-efficient air conditions. Air conditions with 4 or 5 stars from Emirates Authority for Standardization and Metrology (ESMA). These air conditioners will save you up to 25% on cooling consumption.
  • Clean your AC filters regularly and improve the overall AC system efficiency. It will also increase your air conditioner’s lifespan.
  • Do not use AC units at higher temperatures during winter and pleasant weather. Lower the temperature of your air conditioning unit and let nature cool your home.
  • Reduce the heat in your home in the summer season. Use curtains, shades, drapes, and other reflective materials to prevent heat from entering windows. 
  • I always prefer an intelligent thermostat for AC operations. 


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