AC Maintenance

Professional AC Service and Repair in Dubai

Imagine getting home from work on a scorching summer day only to find that your air conditioner has broken. Not only is it a huge hassle in the short term, you will likely start losing sleep and become miserable for days unless it gets fixed.
At Repair Plus, we offer prompt and reliable AC repair. Dubai residents and businesses can rely on when caught out by a broken cooling system. From basic function through to air quality and overall efficiency, we will ensure we perform AC repair as quickly as possible so you can return to work or leisure in comfort.

How a Regular Service Can Help You Save

An AC system must be maintained regularly in order to function efficiently and effectively, especially in the demanding weather conditions. While it can be easy to put off booking an AC service in Dubai, systems that are not routinely maintained tend to overwork the motor and compressor, which subsequently breaks down as a result. This typically ends up costing a lot more than booking a service on a regular basis.

Call the Professionals

When you choose Repair Plus, a team of highly qualified HVAC technicians will be at your address as soon as possible with access to all the necessary gear from our fully equipped van. Usually, this means we can perform AC repair on the spot without needing to come back for a return visit. Even if we do need to come back to complete the AC service, Dubai residents and businesses can rest easy knowing we aim to get the system back up and running no more than 24 hours after our first visit.

As part of our aim to offer maintenance services with an eco-friendly philosophy, we also help homes go green with an Aircon Energy Saver, which helps you reduce your impact on the environment without sacrificing your level of comfort at the home or workplace.

Green Advantages

  • Our field experts can help prevent breakdowns caused by system wear and tear through regular maintenance
  • Enjoy a highly efficient AC unit at home, keeping your indoors cool and refreshing
  • Peace of mind knowing that your air conditioning is in good working condition
  • A smaller environmental impact.

What we Offer

  • A comprehensive suite of AC maintenance and repair solutions
  • Highly experience and thoroughly trained technical experts
  • Affordable rates
  • Quick response time to all customer calls